Insects have assumed the proportion of an epidemic these days. Many different business are affected by them and the havoc they wreak. Gone are the days when they only used to affect the agricultural industry. They are a menace to every established business these days. They can cause significant financial damage. The annual damage caused by pest infestations amounts in the billions. This is especially significant for underdeveloped countries that rely on food products as their main spruce of income. For countries where edible goods are the backbone of the economy, controlling insects and pests is extremely important. There are many different kinds of insects that are classified as pests on a commercial level. Some of these affect only some industries while others impact more than one industry. One of the most effective means of dealing with insects in to use insecticides. Pyrethrin insect spray is one of the most commonly used insecticide. It has replaced DDT as the pesticide of choice.

Pyrethrin in its natural form is found in the form of rocks and crystals. They are ground to a powder and then mixed with talc or a similar substance in order to give it a texture. The resultant mixture is then mixed in water in order to form a solution. In order to dissolve the mixture in the liquid, the water has to be heated to a sufficiently high temperature. The mixture is insoluble in cold water. Once dissolved, the solution can be kept stored for months or even years before eventual usage.

Pyrethrin has the benefit of being cheap. It is especially cheap at places where the key ingredients occur naturally. It’s cost efficiency means that it can be employed on an industrial scale. It is often the primary pesticide of choice for most farmers. Many governments have recognised its efficiency and effectiveness. This has lead them to promote it to the agricultural sector. On order to promote its usage, many subsidies are provided so that people might purchase it.

Another benefit of pyrethrin is the time it takes to affect insects. It affects the central nervous system of insects and paralyses them. This impacts their ability to move and think. The effect is immediate and only takes a few seconds. The insects are almost immediately paralysed and soon die from their nervous systems failing. A drawback is that it can be toxic to other animals as well. There have been many instances of indoor fly control field containing scores of dead birds. This has lead to many environmental activists criticising its usage. It is possible to make it less lethal by diluting it further. When water it mixed it it, the potential customers of the pesticide itself is reduced. This makes the residual chemicals less damaging for the environment.

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