A safe environment in school not only motivates a child to go to school but also enhances their educational knowledge and productivity at school. A safe school protects the students from violence, bullying, threats using weapons and also drugs within the premises of the school. A child’s education is linked with security because a victim has poor attendance, low performance and eventually drops out.


Placing rules against violence and other aspects ensures that the environment is safe for the students. Necessary actions must be taken if the rules are broken so that no-one else will commit the crime again. Almost all school have implemented rules for the students to follow and it is noticed to be a good way to refuse violence within the school. CCTV installation or any other monitoring system is a good way to keep an eye on the kids in hallways and parking lots.

Security Measures

Make sure all students, teachers or the staff working in the school has an identification badge so that in the case of an intrusion the person can be identified. Like home security cameras Gold Coast the school can also install security cameras to make sure the school is secure. If an unidentified person is within the building suitable arrangements must be made to handle the situation carefully.

Bully Proof

Bullying has been a common problem in schools and the results are tragic. It causes many mental health issues in teenagers and young children. School must place strict rules against bullying and the school psychiatrist can help the victims to open up and talk about it. Bullies must be dealt with strictly and bullying must be stopped.

Fire Safety

Practicing fire drills often can ease the situation during a fire breakout. Safety escape routes must be built and plenty of fire extinguishers should be placed throughout the school. Fire alarm systems must be installed so that quick measures can be taken and the fire fighters can arrive on time before the matter turns out badly. Fires can lead to sever injuries like burns and even cause death due to smoke inhalation.

Weather Safety

Every year many schools are affected by various weather conditions like floods, hurricanes and snowstorms. So the school administration must be updated frequently with the meteorologists and make sure that all students are safe and secure. In the case of severe weather conditions schools must inform the students and grant a leave or else they are putting them in a high risk situation.